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RYKO a.s. is one of the most modern repair facilities of its kind in Europe. Our quality and professional work is confirmed by a number of certificates and authorizations granted by national authorities, professional institutions and customers.

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Martin Vošta

Welcome to RYKO. We are a top repair shop for railway freight wagons both in terms of location, technology, background and above all thanks to our team of top people. Our main aim is to ensure that safe freight wagons run on European railways. We provide a full range of services related to technical inspection, modernisation, refurbishment or renovation of wagons. The key parameter of our work is the quality of the workmanship and the time the wagon stays in the repair shop. Cooperation with our customers is based on long-term stability. This is also how we treat our employees.

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Our vision is...

to provide customers with comprehensive and quality wagon maintenance services in a technologically, process and environmentally modern repair facility with a team of top-notch and motivated employees.

Our mission is...

to keep safe and reliable wagons moving on Europe's railway network and for all our employees to grow with the company.