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Wheel sets repairs

The workshop RYKO is licensed to carry out the wheel set repairs of freight wagons. Our specialists carry out repairs in the extent of following:

  • revision according to ČD Cargo regulations
  • ISO, IL, IS1 and IS2 according to regulations VPI
  • other specific clients´ requirements

There is a number of services when repairing and checking the wheel sets:

  • we use automatic grease dosing machine (5 types of oils according to clients wishes)
  • we are able to work with all kinds of bearings (cylinder, Italian, SNCF)
  • blasting of wheel set (as well as the discs) is done by ultra modern robotic technology with possibility of hand-blasting finishing
  • water-based colour or synthetic colour machine painting – according to our clients´ wish
  • stencil colouring according the regulations and client´s wish
  • a special tunnel which enables problemless finishing of drying process before storing the wheel set
  • perfect covering of manganese plates, labels and discs
  • labels, galvanized and copper bands according to regulations and the client´s wish
  • wheel sets storage (a store room for 1.500 of wheel sets)
  • careful handling and manipulation of wheel sets by the bearing chamber
  • protection of wheel sets during the loading onto the truck
  • precise wheel set electronic documentation