RYKO a.s.

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RYKO workshop is an entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) according to commission regulation (EU) No 445/2011 for undertaking maintenance.

RYKO is a special site for carrying out technical inspections of freight wagons, required overhauls and revisions. Our specialists are qualified especially in these fields:

  • maintenance system VPI for carrying out revisions G 4.0, G.2, G4.8, G4.3 and others
  • maintenance system SNCF for carrying revisions ATPMC, ATPMD, ATP120, ATPPRW, REV A, REV B and others
  • maintenance system ČD Cargo a.s. for carrying out regular revisions REV
  • maintenance system of Slovak railways for carrying out revisions N8, N4, N2 and others.

Except of the above mentioned we carry out regular inspections and tests of tanks and pressure tests according to regulations for transportation of dangerous goods by rail (RID), as well as the inspections and pressure tests of tanks according to the Czech legislation (Decree No 100/1995 Coll) and similar foreign regulation and norms. We cooperate with specialists and inspectors who are well-informed about RID and international regulations. Last but not least we carry out tests of gas tanks and the nitrogen filling afterwards.

For above mentioned activities we have a number of competences in the area of welding, non-destructive tests and repairing of parts such as brakes, buffers, bogie parts etc.