RYKO a.s.

We are RYKO a. s.

is a purely Czech joint-stock company and thanks to its continual growth it belongs to the leading railway repair-shops in Europe. RYKO unites advantages of a family-run company and principles of running a repairshop, highly regarded in Europe. There have been already 350 employees in the company. Thanks to the range of certifications and licences RYKO offers the highest quality comprehensive service to the owners of rail freight wagons – to the foreign customers as well as to the Czech ones.

RYKO a.s. focuses on

RYKO specialises in wide range of services – checks, inspections, repairs, reconstruction or cleaning all types of  rail freight wagons. Our company has a high technology line for repairing wheel sets and bogies, as well as booth for blasting, painting, regular or bigger repairs. Cleaning of tanks, pressure tests of tank wagons for transportation of dangerous goods class 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9 according to RID regulations, as well as the mobile service, belong to our standard service offer. Our high flexibility, professionalism and providing various services are the basic principles of our cooperation with clients. Awareness of the clients´ needs, team of high quality experts, modern technology and company culture – that is the way we have chosen for the 21st century.